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Review on MedicCoin by Jeff Ayuba

No reward program could be found. But it still is a good project

Medical causes calls for funding. Keeping fit comes with rewards. Simply put, Mediccoin project aims to provide a scenario whereby charity causes can be made seamless and as anonymous as possible. Mediccoin does the work of anonymity by using a coin mixing technology which involves sending coins across different wallet address until it's main address source is lost in the process. This is quite good for a project with charity causes in mind.
The project also promises of rewards for keeping fit. now, to access all the features of Mediccoin, one has to get the wallet which I did from Playstore but wasn't impressed by what I was greeted by as the wallet seemed to be lacking initiative I'm developing an interactive and compelling interface. On the wallet, you get to see some charity causes which you can sponsor, though names are not given. My main feature which I came looking for, the rewards program for keeping fit. I checked through the app but didn't find any information regarding that so I can say that that feature doesn't exist. The project is quite old and I don't understand why it feels abandoned.
Though the speed of your transactions are fast, I don't see much utility of the token especially when there is no support behind the project. To end this review, I don't think Mediccoin is real in their charity offerings while their reward program doesn't work. Not useful to waste time interacting with a project that might likely close it's services soon

Pros & cons

  • Mediccoin uses coin mixing technology to help anonymity I'm transactions
  • Useful in making donations for medical causes
  • Hyper speed transactions at a low cost are one major characteristic of the coin
  • The wallet user interface is very unprofessional
  • There are no reward programs on the platform
  • Low price, low liquidity, low trading volumes