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Review on Melon by francis fernandez

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Melon: a cryptocurrency backed by Ethereum technology

Melon is a blockchain that allows managing multiple digital assets in a decentralized and secure way, due to the immutable nature of its accounting ledger.
For the management of network operations; the MLN token is used. An ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum chain.
The MLN token cannot be mined directly because it is a cryptocurrency operated on the Ethereum chain. The only way to mine MLN is to mine ETH and then acquire MLN with the returns obtained.
Regarding the security of the token; this responsibility is in charge of the miners of the ETH network.
MLN Storage:
There are several options for saving MLN tokens; However, for our well-being, we must choose the most convenient one; that is, the one that offers the least risk of electronic fraud. In this sense, we can opt for hardware wallets that are compatible with the MLN ERC-20 tokens.
Token uses:
• It is a digital gateway for asset management.
• Allows the user to have control to decide whether to invest in other people's wallets or in their own portfolio.
• Serves as a form of payment of transaction fees
• Serves as a payment currency to acquire other cryptocurrencies.
• Serves as an investment instrument
• Allows staking and trading of assets.
Due to the nature of the MLN token, smart contract technology is used to achieve the management of crypto assets that constitute the capital hedging resources automatically.
In this sense; MLN's smart contracts allow investments of coverage resources to be integrated into the network.

  • It is a secure tool for the exchange of crypto assets.
  • Allows you to trade assets
  • It is an ERC-20 token compatible with multiple digital currencies
  • It is not accepted in shops