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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
Crypto Projects, DeFi, ERC20

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Description of Melon

A blockchain protocol for digital asset management built on the Ethereum platform.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

About Melon Coin

Melon coin is an Ethereum-based project that allows users to control their digital assets. I can say that the main goal of melon coin is to create a more innovative and simple system on today's coins. I just got to know the melon coin, and on my research, I realized that it is a user-friendly coin. Users often recommend Melon coin as an investment. I also think why it is not possible to see the bowler coin as an investment. Melon coin, which really came across its various features…

  • An Ethereum-based coin
  • Being able to make transactions thanks to digital asset
  • Users see it as an investment
  • Low Commission Fees
  • High Security
  • Finding a small number of pairs of operations

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Melon is one of the fast-growing crypto project.

Melonport aspires to close the gap that now exists between portfolio managers and investors by eliminating the need for third parties like legal firms. The Melon protocol, in doing so, provides transparency and modularity at a cheap cost. In contrast to other prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it is more of a decentralized hedge fund than a token of monetary worth. Melon operates on a completely decentralized infrastructure. The blockchain network stores all of the information about…

  • Everything is governed by a series of smart contracts.
  • Modules have a supporting function.
  • The flexible component of a portfolio is flexible and adaptable.
  • Nothing big as of now.

The ventilation biological system created in the air block can be controlled reliably and multilaterally for the necessary work. - As for its use, it is directly distinguished by any element of speculation, and according to my participation in this convention, the effect of the organization and the interface is very flexible, as the most widely used wallets so far can be used as trust, metamask, and so on. - If you need to be a finance manager, Melon offers the whole structure. - Assets are…

  • DEFI to create joint venture reserves
  • All data is supported on the melon stage and on the Ether blockchain.
  • The capital of domes for outsiders.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A project with many users: Melon

Good day everyone, ladies and gentlemen, again, today I will present you my review of the Melon project, which is one of the projects remaining on the last pages. So we can go my review. I have been using the Melon project, which works with Ethereum technology, for about 2 weeks and still continue to use it. When registering, we follow certain verification steps and thus we feel more confident. Doing these steps are not mandatory, but they are definitely things I can recommend you do. As…

  • They have a token that can make a profit.
  • They allow us to do many verification steps for security.
  • It is a popular project around the world.
  • Website design is nice and understandable for beginner users.
  • no

Revainrating 3 out of 5

DEFI Ecosystem to create joint investment funds.

Investment ecosystem developed on the ethereum blockchain, assets can be managed safely and adaptable to the required business. -In terms of its use, it is really simple compared to any investment product, according to my personal experience with this protocol, the process to connect to the network is extremely versatile since the most used wallets to date can be used, such as trust , metamask, etc. -If you want to be a venture capital manager, Melon offers all its infrastructure. -The funds…

  • It has a solid market and good liquidity.
  • All the information is backed up on the Melon platform and the Ether blockchain.
  • The capital of the depositories for a third party.
  • It is often difficult for new users.
  • The value of your token is undervalued.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A Decentralized method of accessing the Financial market

Melon is a Crypto project built on the Ethereum Network that has come with a single point of view in the Crypto industry. It's basic use case is asset management. That is, Melon creates a system that allows users from anywhere in the world to invest in funds and portfolios which have been created as a Crypto asset by other users who are called Fund managers. It also leverages Blockchain technology to eliminate the plethora of fees and waiting time one experiences while interacting with such…

  • Melon protocol is a remarkable crypto project focused on asset management and has through smart contracts, eliminated to the minimalistic level possible, risks of fraudulent activities by Fund managers. For this reason, users have no reason whatsoever to fear for the safety of their invested funds
  • Melon Protocol leverages Blockchain technology in eliminating high transaction fees usually charged for making investments or setting up a Fund. In the traditional settings, setting up a Fund could cost one $25,000-$50,000 but Melon Protocol takes that away and makes it done with just a few dollars charged for gas fees
  • It is a completely Decentralized project and all of its operations are handled by it's Melon Council Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO. This also eliminates risks of fraudulent tampering with the project by any single entity
  • All transactions are transparently and immutably recorded on the Blockchain and this eliminates the needs for complex auditing
  • It's Buy and Burn model of reducing token circulation is a great way to increase value of investment to the holders of the native token
  • As a Crypto project that allows anyone and everyone to access it's services anywhere in the world, it also makes avail, stocks and funds that are unavailable to certain countries, available to them via it's protocol
  • There has been no negative aspect found in this project so far

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Melon MLN: Digital Asset Management System

Decentralized project created in 2016 with headquarters in Switzerland. Based on the chain of ethereum blocks, its MLN token is of the ERC-20 type that will support this project. Its objective is to allow anyone to create and manage their digital assets based on their own intelligent contracts in a way that gives you a margin of maneuverability over your assets so that you can market them freely without the intervention of third parties. Under the Melon platform, funds from different users…

  • Interesting project in which communities can freely interact to make investments among themselves.
  • Managing your own investors
  • Because of the solidity of its token, it is a good option for investment
  • Nothing at the moment

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Melon an operation decentralized open source platform operating since 2016 well recognize in the crypto space, these project was design base on ethereum smart contract to boost users portfolio to generate profit from other crypto assets, whose computation is performed using ethereum blockchain. Melon project aims to optimize users asset management by creating an alternative system. Using the project web portal, interested users can invest in funds and portfolios launched by other users, and…

  • A decentralized blockchain project aims to optimize investors/users fund by creating a portfolio where users can create medium for investors to invest in
  • Platform token can be used for making decisions and price control management
  • An ethereum base project using blockchain smart contract
  • Webpage not accessible for now.

Melon (MLN): is a project of crypto-currency, which has a stable structure and manage assets in a very professional way, has several protocols for both security and operation, its block chain is based on the Ethereum network thus ensuring its speed and functionality, is a decentralized process that meets the clear parameters of what is a trading currency, users can have full control of their assets, can issue, buy, pay or manage all types of applications with high market liquidity and…

  • It is located at level number 331 and is one of the main 500 crypto-currencies in the market, with a capitalization of 22 million USD, and registers volumes of 1.3 million USD.
  • It has 2 block scanners, the first with the (Etherscan) network and the second with the (ethplorer) network.
  • Your currency is available in the following markets: **MLN/USDT** | **MLN/ETH** | **MLN/XBT** | **MLN/EUR** | **MLN/USD** | **MLN/ETH** | **MLN/WETH*, with a high level of confidence in market operations, more than 43 exchange houses.
  • Its value as crypto currency is high, positive point.
  • In the charts of its shares we can see, that it was capital in today drastically decreased registering losses by more than 1 million USD.

Melon is a project running decentralized trough the Ethereum network. But despite all the support received from it, the network is currently unavailable. There is a deep issue for accessing the web page. It remains down most of the time, and the site tells 'impossible to reach'. In the beginning, the problem was viewed as something from the VPN of customers, but now it has been confirmed that it persists and it is general. This affected the connection among companies and individuals who want to

  • It is a decentralized blockchain operating with open-source protocols. There are good offers from saving data privately and storing on it without issues of hacks.
  • It belongs to the Ethereum blockchain. It uses to receive good support from the platform.
  • The web page is not available. The connection to it most of the time gets failed.
  • There are not reliable features outside that speak about the responsibility of the team and how they work.
  • The design, as has been proved, is outdated. The platform has a lack of management.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Melon: a cryptocurrency backed by Ethereum technology

Melon is a blockchain that allows managing multiple digital assets in a decentralized and secure way, due to the immutable nature of its accounting ledger. Token: For the management of network operations; the MLN token is used. An ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum chain. Mining: The MLN token cannot be mined directly because it is a cryptocurrency operated on the Ethereum chain. The only way to mine MLN is to mine ETH and then acquire MLN with the returns obtained. Regarding the…

  • It is a secure tool for the exchange of crypto assets.
  • Allows you to trade assets
  • It is an ERC-20 token compatible with multiple digital currencies
  • It is not accepted in shops

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Token Melon

Melon (MLN) is a cryptocurrency blockchain project that will be used for the management of our digital assets. We will be able to trade and manage our digital investments. It is built and based on Ethereum, for which its currency is an ERC20 token. It will allow users to participate in configuring, managing and investing in digital assets and also having management strategies. The system is fully decentralized. We can invest in other people's portfolio or have other people invest in ours.

  • It will serve us to create, manage and invest for the management of our cryptographic assets.
  • The MLN token has a good value of about twenty dollars.
  • The token cannot be mined, we must obtain it through Ether.
  • It does not have an application for mobile phones or PC that can be used to store the token.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Crypto currency Melon (MLN)

Melon crypto currency (MLN), is a token developed as a decentralized finance token and provides a platform for digital asset management.Melon (MLN), is an innovative crypto currency, it operates with good performance and high daily purchase volume of your currency, from various types of digital currency exchange platforms, it also has 42 pairs of exchanges available, and can be traded with digital currencies and fiat currencies. This Melon currency (MLN), has a high capitalization project in…

  • Melon (MLN), has a high capitalization in the cryptoactive market, positioning the project in Level 333, of the CoinMarketCap list.
  • Melon currency (MLN), is a token that can be used as an asset management gas, as this currency works well as a token for DeFi-based asset management.
  • Melon (MLN), you can trade from up to 20 different digiatel currency exchange platforms, operating in trading pairs in MLN/USDT, MLN/ETH, MLN/BTC, MLN/XBT, MLN/WETH, MLN/LPT, MLN/DXD, MLN/NMR, MLN/WBTC, MLN/ANT and even in pairs with fiat currencies in MLN/USD and MLN/EUR.
  • Melon (MLN), does not have its own wallet application, which works on mobile devices and allows the MLN token to be stored.
  • Melon currency (MLN), it is not possible to extract it from mining platforms.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Security as its strong point.

The growing demand for crypto calls for a convenient way to manage them. It is a platform that works through a blockchain protocol that allows for easy and efficient maintenance of cryptocurrency. It represents the fully customized administration of your digital assets. You can use it as an online vault that allows you to save and fund your funds through its web portal.

  • It works through a digital asset management technique. Which is a advantages.
  • The whole ecosystem is created of investors, managers and module developers.
  • Each & every portfolio is separated within a core section that is further refuted into modules.
  • Won't be easy task it provide a new framework for investing in and administering a variety of digital assets.

It works through a fully decentralized infrastructure. All user information such as smart contracts, assets and records are stored on a decentralized blockchain network. This not only provides reliability for storing information but also reduces the risk of custody.

  • The goal is to bridge the gap between portfolio managers and investors by removing third-party roles, such as law firms. In doing so, the protocol offers transparency and modularity at a low fee. This is more of a decentralized hedge fund than the actual token of monetary value, unlike other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • It is not user-friendly, focused mainly on the technical aspect, and lacks an appeal.