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Review on Merculet by Fabrizio Zampieri

Merculet supports Internet enterprises to achieve growth by applying readily…

Merculet supports Internet enterprises to achieve growth by applying readily accessible social-based operations and holistic blockchain solutions. The founders main goal will be the realization of a new ecosystem that’s built with consensus, co-building and value sharing.

Founders believe that in the value­based Internet in the future, there would be no absolute dominating big enterprises but there would only be millions of small-medium ­sized companies, and that is the realization of distributed commercial civilization. So they promote the growth of enterprises and the landing of personal values. In particular, Merculet is committed to providing global Internet companies with standardized, large­scale, rapid adoption solutions and, on the other side, also aims to bring a massive amount of users and enterprises into the blockchain based Internet of Value, without changing the behavior of Internet users.

Merculet believes that distributed commerce does not need many years to grow but decentralization would be achieved within 2-3 years max.

Technically, Merculet has developed a Multi­level structure with Multi­Chain Asset and a Merculet Protocol Suites (a series of protocol groups and an implementation of the upper DApp).

Merculet (MVP) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Merculet has a current supply of 10 billion MVP with 3 032 423 681 MVP in circulation.

MVP rewards come from enterprises that partner with Merculet, or they may come from Merculet platform.

There is a sort of "softmining" (users can mine/earn MVP) in different ways:

1) to do things that are ecologically beneficial, you can 'mine' MVP;

2) even if you don't do anything, as long as you normally use an app and pay your attention to it, you may "mine" MVP;

3) you can "mine" MVP by performing content creation on the content distribution platform of Merculet or completing the tasks issued by communities;

4) mining MVP is also available during content distribution through the Merculet Strategic Partnership Program.

MVP is tradable on OKEx, KuCoin, IDEX, Hotbit, CoinMex and Bilaxy exchanges.

Pros & cons

  • - Currently there are no projects competitors. - Merculet has defined important partnership with diversified global partners (Elex game distributing platform, Solo Ads company traffic operation and commercialization). - MVP tokens pre­minted.
  • - Merculet cannot help other projects to create their own Token Generation Event. - Young project still in early steps.