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If it is really taken into account it can increase its value.

Decentralized protocol to run a Defi platform using an additional layer, basically using its own chain and protocol to create an alternate mechanism that allows efficient use of the ethereum network…See more

A project that increases the power of Ethereum on the financial internet

Meter tries to solve the scalability problem of the Ethereum network by working on Ethereum's second layer protocols. In other words, it solves the slowdown problem that occurs during the…See more

Meter, about coins

Meter is a creative issue that provides daily useful coins, which is used as an installation method to send coins quickly and make the best trades from various trading stages. The meter has 2 coins…See more

The Defi platform is a centralized protocol.

The meter management team has an important reputation in advanced technologies, programming design, management and product development. Scientific foundations - Wharton, Stanford, Purdue, UCSD and…See more

Meter cryptocurrency project creates wide possibilities.

There are several cryptocurrency projects in the world-wide cryptocurrency community. My review today is the Meter Project. The meter is different from other cryptocurrencies and works in its own…See more

The Largely Unknown And Silent Meter

Let’s take a look into another cryptocurrency project in the very large and still expanding crypto community that. There continues to be an influx of these little cryptocurrency projects all around…See more

Meter: allows to count on the decentralization of the market at all times.

Meter (MTRG): is a project that allows having the decentralization of the market at all times, its ecosystem of services simplifies the market processes, adding clear characteristics of electronic…See more


Meter connects to ethereum and other public blockchains as layer 2 protocol which is highly decentralized ethereum scaling solution. Meter being a layer , permissionless, low volatility without…See more

asset market without barriers or intermediaries

Cryptographic platforms are in constant search of improvements and optimization of blockchain services. METER does not escape this situation. METER emerges as a cryptographic alternative to…See more

DeFi Ecosystem without guarantees and oracles.

A project based on the DeFi ecosystem, designed to employ an alternative market without risk without the need for guarantees or oracles, therefore it also offers developers the possibility of using…See more