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Review on Meter by Özgün A

A project that increases the power of Ethereum on the financial internet

Meter tries to solve the scalability problem of the Ethereum network by working on Ethereum's second layer protocols. In other words, it solves the slowdown problem that occurs during the integration of the Ethereum network with other applications (when trading on the Ethereum network), making the transactions more compatible. In short, it focuses on the development of Ethereum. You can find their roadmap on their website. Also, the design of the websites is great. You can find answers to all your questions on their website.

Some of Meter's features are;

1) Can be created 2) Can not be changed

3) Unsecured transactions can be made 4) Scalable

Meter is the only heterogeneous blockchain network developed. It allows many blockchain networks to create a common market on the Ethereum network. It combines public blockchains on a fully decentralized 'Layer 2' protocol.

As a result; The Meter project seeks to create a marketplace on a large, fully-featured Ethereum network.

Pros & cons

  • Each contract is created on its own network over the desired features
  • Ensures that existing tools in the market are applied on contracts
  • Very high TPS per second
  • It is listed on a small number of exchanges. Also, the number of trading pairs is small