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Review on MMOCoin by Sefa can Yüksel

If you want to shine like the sun, first burn like the sun.

The name MMOcoin refers to a powerful virtual platform with its own blockchain and its own private wallet; It takes a few seconds to complete, and transactions can be done without a cumbersome approval process without third-party intervention. Their transactions are characterized by their speed and high security because they are stored on the blockchain and can be audited before their users.I think all types of MMO can offer various advantages. It can be used for a period of time when receiving this project from my research has a good degree of trust and is questioned. I also saw an Amazon gift card giving away indirect purchases using Amazon's cryptocurrency on its products.

Pros & cons

  • Ability to purchase cryptocurrency by anyone activating
  • All transactions can be made and tracked as a block-based platform.
  • There are some services to provide additional assistance to network products.