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Review on Myriad by Nick Kasilowski

I just joined the myriadcoin ride to the moon with 1 BTC. I may buy more if…

I just joined the myriadcoin ride to the moon with 1 BTC. I may buy more if the price decreases! Thanks for giving me this opportunity! You fight multipools by focusing your energy on giving people reasons to buy Myriad. Then mutlipools become an afterthought you couldn't believe you spent so much time worrying about.
Amateur hour. I'm following trades in real time for the last 10+ hours ... Anyway, price back to 300sats in 10-12 hours..
Liberdade will be a colored coin on the MYR blockchain. We wanted at least 50 volunteers in Brazil and instead got 100 names, home addresses and phone numbers.

Pros & cons

  • its been a hard days for myriadcoin , but i still believe the dev and still holding the coins , greetings from Jakarta ! Price on mintpal is so manipulated it hurts to watch in real time. Once the pump is over it will plummet down to 300 sat. If you add all buys in the last 24h they add up to 5-10BTC compared to 200BTC+ sells.. XMY has been the name on cryptopia, and the TREX didn't change its name until yesterday. Many people don't know that XMY and MYR are the same coin, which is very interesting, which leads to the frequent occurrence of price difference.
  • you really expect people to believe its possible for hardware to submit completely valid block solutions but absolutely no valid blocks dream on troll I have decided to release open source my Myriad-Groestl OpenCL kernel. It's faster than the current best public one for 10% or so. New OpenCL Kernel for Myriad-Groestl (DGB, MYR, etc.)