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Review on Nexty by Ayu Anggraini

Nexty review! is it a dead project?

Nexty (NTY) is a crypto currency that has been established since 2018 and has a vision to solve crypto problems by providing an instant transfer system and zero fees and transaction processing speeds of up to 2000 transactions per second and 2 seconds instant transfers.

Nexty itself is a blockchain platform that offers a new ecosystem model to e-commerce, and start up to raise the funds.

Nexty platform can also be used to make Initial coin offering and get investors for project start up, and nexty will use Nty in its platform so that Nty has real uses Cases.

The first time I used the mobile wallet, I experienced a problem. the balance does not appear except after waiting for some hours. I was not impressed at all but i can understand that the wallet still under development at that time.

We can mine NTY coins by the Proof of Foundation algorithm and Nexty also offers smart staking programs in the form of dividends received from pNtY.

I was an early investor for Nexty and used their platform and internal exchange after the ICO.

pnty itself is actually part of Nty and 1 pNTY = 10,000 NTY. Just like bitcoin and Satoshi.

On the other hand the Nexty platform also has the Nexty Foundation NTF token. NTF will be used to verify NTY transactions and owners of NTF will receive rewards for each transaction it makes. This is similar to NEO and GAS but nexty is different, because it gives rewards for each transaction rather than verification fees.

Unfortunately the nexty platform is not getting enough attention from the crypto community because now the trend of Initial coin offering has faded and many ICOs are banned in various countries because of the regulation and more exchanges do IEO or launchpad itself for crypto currency start-ups.

The nexty currently has a roadmap in 2020 Q1 in the form of consensus Hardening And Gorvernance 2.0, Plasma & Crosschain Interoperation Proposal but this project has been inactive since an early 2020, no updates appear on the website, and its social media. When i was writing this review, nexty volume on the exchange is only around $ 1000 per day.

Nexty has a potential because it can offers instant transfer instead of waiting for verification or transaction confirmation and dual cryptocurrency. It is unfortunate that the team has been inactive for more than 6 months without development

Pros & cons

  • Nexty is a crypto currency with a Great concept and idea
  • Instant transfer
  • Zero fee payments
  • Dual cryptocurrency
  • Team has been inactive for 6 months
  • Huge supply arround 180,000,000,000
  • The project was created for a short term trends and highly competitive market; ICO funding and e-commerce startup funding