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About Nimiq

Nimiq Exchange is a browser-based blockchain & ecosystem. NIM is the coin of the Nimiq Mainnet Blockchain.

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Nimiq: a chain of blocks that operates with an internet browser

Nimiq is a blockchain protocol that functions as a decentralized payment system that operates on the user's internet browser. Nimiq constitutes a network of applications that allows users to interact with the chain of blocks simply by means of…See full review

Nimiq This is only an immense insurance framework.

Nimiq is a cryptographic gadget that attempts to excite an enormous number of purchasers with its exceptional and identified potential outcomes in the automated market, as it is connected to normal coins and all coins on the lookout. by and by…See full review

Nimiq This is just a great cash security system

Efforts to expand the plant are growing, and the biological system is growing rapidly and the designer is attracting a local area. It is very easy to use, especially for people who have never used cryptocurrency. The team provides regular updates…See full review

Nimiq: Nimiq This is just a great cash security system

Nimiq is a cryptographic mechanical stage attempting to awaken countless clients with its different and open capacities in the mechanized market, which is open since it incorporates both straightforward cash and various kinds of cash on the lookout…See full review

Nimiq This is nothing but a huge protection system.

Nimiq is a cryptographic device that tries to arouse a large number of buyers with its unique and detected possibilities in the computerized market, as it is attached to common coins and all coins in the market. in practice, this is seen as the…See full review

Nimiq is best payment system in time.

The project's attempts to expand are expanding, and the ecosystem benefits from a fast-growing and engaged developer community. Very simple to use, especially for those who have never used cryptocurrency before. The team provides frequent updates…See full review

Nimiq This is nothing more than a wonderful money security framework

Nimiq is a cryptographic mechanical stage trying to wake up a large number of customers with its various and open capabilities in the computerized market, which is accessible because it includes both simple money and different types of money in the…See full review

Multipurpose undertaking

Nimiq is a multipurpose crypto cash project made with blockchain innovation. It is extremely easy to turn into an individual from the site. It can work by adding modules to your work area internet browser. What I love about this site is that it…See full review

Easy Nimiq

It is a crypto money project that runs entirely on the browser. Nimiq offers a browser-based payment method to make the payment as simple as possible, allowing these payments to be processed very quickly. Nimiq, a coin that can be CPU mining…See full review

Multipurpose project

Nimiq is a multipurpose crypto money project created with blockchain technology. It is very simple to become a member of the website. It can work by adding plugins to your desktop web browser. What I love about this website is that it can be…See full review