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About ODEM

ODEM is a secure blockchain-based global marketplace for buyers and sellers of short-term, on-site, premium educational courses. The platform is designed to improve student access to high-quality education by reducing costs through the elimination of inefficient intermediaries. For education buyers, ODEM simplifies research and decision making by empowering students with full transparency of course options and ratings within a single ecosystem. For educators, the platform raises their marketing profile among students, generates real-time feedback on courses and pays incentives for development of popular courses.

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Cryptographic education solution

This project attacks a reality and possibility of blockchain implementation to the educational needs of society, thus advancing in educational matters, offering solutions and unique characteristics…See more

A great Platform for learning. Try It

With the Corona Virus Covid-19 in play, limiting physical education, ODEM; On-Demand Educational Marketplace is a project put and fractured into the Blockchain technology to facilitate educational…See more

ODEM: breaking down the barriers of university education

With the arrival of globalization, many borders have been broken in all aspects of daily life; so much so that education has ceased to be exclusively face-to-face to move to a virtual plane in most…See more

ODEM makes it feasible for users to come together to increase the quality of approachable education at a reasonable cost.

The platform accommodate qualified and trusted individuals from across the global education scene to create customized curriculums that can help students gain practical knowledge about the market at…See more

Review of odem

ODEM is a platform for online education. It makes use of blockchain technology. They are aimed at providing the students with a stronger hold on their academics as well as their careers. Many…See more