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Review on OMG Network by leon schneider

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The OmiseGo project actually wants to offer a payment network like paypal (in my opinion) where, of course, in addition to the payment network, organizations' financial accounts can also be organized with the help of this blockchain network. In general, due to the use of decentralized network and network transparency, it can be useful to prevent embezzlement and money laundering in organizations.
The omisego project is a product of 2017, the ICO of which was held, but the manufacturer, omise, was established in 2013, which, in my opinion, means that the company's many years of activity have added to the credibility of this project, namely OmiseGo.

  • In the project network, plasma has been used, which has greatly increased the limitations of transactions
  • Use PoS algorithm which is faster than PoW
  • Omise's good relationship with popular payment networks
  • It was better to use a new and dedicated network (ie omg was a coin and not a token)

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