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Review on Ontology by José A Rodríguez

Changing the Way the Blockchain World Manages Data

A Project Committed with Individuals and Businesses

Blockchain projects became the bread and butter of the digital world's movement. Thousands are the projects that were created to boost a new way of unlocking access to the money of oneself, but just half of them are committed to promoting guidance through the ID and Data storage of global audiences to improve and organize what is executed and make it private.

There exists a project aimed at this main purpose, and through the following lines, I invite you to know its benefits and what it means to me.

Personally, Ontology is a kind of project that offers a globally digital framework aimed to get the best of ID integration and data listing. It belongs to the most scalable projects currently existing and should be labeled that way. Although it is adaptable for individuals, Ontology works better for mid and high businesses that are looking forward to increasing its level not only in finance's management but also in productive protocols for storing data. It's important to recognize the value of this project from the three redefined major features that placed it as one of the best protocols:

- ONT ID: The Frame for Individuals. The general ecosystem of the blockchain is highly advanced in technology with the data-storing and overall processes that every user executes. The fact of using this feature permits them to experience a widely secure multiverse in their network. People, like you and me, who are constantly looking to link everything in the same node, find it interesting since it is private and secure due to its cryptographic technology.

- DDXF: The Cooperative-Mixed Protocol. This feature that was born on a public inner core, is today the most useful of the entire blockchain. It provides a fastly decentralized system that offers the chance of checking and sharing data privately with the chance of building an open-source platform integrated here.

- ONTO: The Digital Key of Success for Data Management. There is always space on mobiles for an outstanding app. In this case, Onto is viewed as a multi-service app that is aimed to direct and regulate data on wallets with the opportunities of updating addresses at the same time the ONT token is added as part of the multi-currency feature it offers. It also provides blockchain followers the news about useful Dapps.

These are the three major features that run the entire blockchain and make it operative through different channels. Besides, as part of the effectiveness of it, there also exists a system that reduces costs while the individuals and companies proceed to obtain what they need.

On the other hand, there are some minor issues related to the data marketplace. The project clearly promotes a way of storing and managing this in a wide ecosystem, but when talking about the biggest market place some facts go directly to the quality of these operationalizations. It is known that this decentralized blockchain provides a flexible and high performance, but it is still necessary to assess how its features cover the entire marketplace listed on it.

However, this is something that can be solved. The overall blockchain is impressive. This project is ready for the future of a well-based blockchain since it not only worries about the purpose of finances but also the way data is managed. This is important for all crypto believers, and I think it will reach a high level in the following months. So, I also consider these advantages as part of the effectiveness of the project.

- The Fastest of Technologies Implemented for Data Solving Transactions. There's no reason to believe this blockchain is just efficient, but the velocity of transactions is something that gives it trustworthiness.

- Software Languages of Greatest Usage. For me, this is something interesting since I like the way a blockchain is structured with operative coding languages. Particularly, Ontology offers a wide set of easy languages that includes the well-known Python, Java, and even C++.

- Growing Corpus but Stable Root. The reasons for this project for being in the market have been spread through multiple external networks. Today, many decentralized apps are known firstly by Ontology.

- World-leading companies are partnered with the ONT initiative.

In conclusion, there is much yet to know about this project, but I trust its services and I join the Ontology Community because until now it has clear purposes, and the main one is focused on us and the importance of managing reliable data. It is dedicated to offering the best of technology for all in the industrialized world. As a final line, this is the supplier chain of right now.

Pros & cons

  • Decentralized project running with the greatest technology and structured with the best of software languages.
  • It has the biggest team in a data-related- solving project. The overall network runs with the support of a professional team that innovates it and releases the most ideal benefits for this blockchain.
  • Outstanding social media support through +8 different networks. The Ont community is adept to provide the most recent information about its coming releases, integrations, and open Faqs.
  • The ONT and ONG tokens are globally known and they are listed to the highest exchange services currently existing. I'm referring to Binance, Etoro, and Bittrex. They are utility tokens that soon will raise its value.  
  • Automatic solutions for a wide set of digital market needs. They are focused on individuals as well as defined companies.
  • Excellent online platform containing the necessary information to trust the reliability and main purpose of Ontology.
  • It needs to show a complete draft of how it is going to solve the entire data management in the marketplace. 
  • There are lots of issues related to the SAGA data marketplace since users around the world cannot access the components of the network. 
José A Rodríguez
July 20, 2020
Those sort of features is what cryptocurrency-related project depends on. Until now we know Ontology has an excellent partnership, and the view has changed. I noticed some traders who were giving it a chance, they can now enjoy the best of two worlds, because Ontology Network is that, a digital world growing unlimited in our real-world. Most of the advantages also were discussed. The project gives you time to decide in just investing, or go beyond that. The expansion is for both the ONT system and the individuals or companies.
Robiul Islam
July 20, 2020
Yes! It is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies, with a lot of consolidation and partnership. It can integrate its blockchain into many applications and it can grow incredibly well. User acceptance rates can increase significantly as users understand the advantages and uniqueness of crypto.
Pedro O. Alvino M.
July 19, 2020
Given the situation of the project, I feel that it is in good shape, its currency is well known and used, in addition to the associations it is forming on the European continent, also thanks to the help of the recent alliance with the Swiss crypto-financial services provider Bitcoin Suisse cooperatively assist the expansion of the ONT ecosystem
José A Rodríguez
July 19, 2020
Sometimes the crypto market depends on expectations. I  agree with you, but I consider this will not be the case of this coin. In fact,  The more the cryptocurrency believers keep giving attention to this project, the better it will become for the current market. So, the adoption of crypto like this one can be predictable.  Enterprises will not act deliberately, that's true. But assessing the current policies, they can trust in this good model of decentralization.
Robiul Islam
July 19, 2020
ONT is simply better than its competitors due to their connectivity, partnership and marketing. Adoption won't magically happen overnight, and in order for mass adoption to begin it's long and inevitable journey, there will need to be a fair amount of centralization, specifically when businesses and enterprises need to know who they are dealing with.
The hsotaka
July 19, 2020
Thanks for answering to my comment, Jose. I think it also depend on the adoption of crypto in general. If Crypto become more famous, all projects will profit, especially the good one. I just hope that the next adoption wave won't be a "hype and leave" wave like it was in 2017. That wouldn't bring mich benefit. We need a steady and healthy growth of adoption.
José A Rodríguez
July 17, 2020
Hello. Thanks, Hsotaka, I appreciate it! Taking into account what I wrote, I think Ontology is going to succeed even more and will become a project of high global attention. Perhaps, there are things to improve and solve, but that kind of issue is still minuscules. Greetings, Robiul. I agree, although I consider every project that really looks for becoming and improvement for the world and social change must be a little bit ambitious. That's not bad when they know how to manage it to make the company grow as well as the currently linked enterprises that trust its services.
The hsotaka
July 16, 2020
This is probably the best and most detailed review of ontology i've read so far. You put a lot of effort in it, keep up the good work! :) What do you think where ontology is standing in 10 years from now? :)
Robiul Islam
July 16, 2020
I appreciate the insight. I believe in the team and their vision, I admit they are ambitious but they have the credentials and the team to accomplish their goals. I've been bullish on this project and I'm not afraid as I feel they have a great vision as well and a unique purpose in the space. They already have many major partnerships and I think they are doing all the right things to attract businesses and bring mass adoption.