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Review on ORS Group by LUIS RIVERO R

Market for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain services. (in the last months without activity)

Current status of this project: STILL..

New updates:

Information about the team that makes it up: it is possible to verify the information of the members on the web, but there are no data that corroborate their identity.

Number of listed exchanges: it is only listed on Bitfinex, however the volume traded in the last 24 hours is only 3.18USD

Active social media accounts: No information since March.

Price during your ICO or maximum price: 0.05EUR

Current value: 0.016USD

Utility: Artificial intelligence software, token as a payment method for the use of these services.

Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Date: Approximately 2018

This project has little activity in recent months, a matter of real concern for investors since since approximately March 2020 they have no recent updates or new launch data.

Now what is it about, according to the official website they are a company that develops and manages Artificial Intelligence software creating links between it and Blockchain services, according to what is understood they only plan to create a market for AI software services, Bockchain and cryptocurrencies that are available anywhere in the world.

Worrying activity of this project:

-They have not yet launched a product on the market, especially the one they promised more than two years ago.

-Your activity in github has practically stopped for a long time, it just seems to be quiet.

-It is not clear their business idea, since after reading their documentation it cannot be understood if they are a market, infrastructure provider or cryptocurrency exchange.

-No data in your main social networks, medium, twitter, github among others.

- Its only endorsement is its White Paper, which explains in detail the infrastructure but nothing about its launch.

In general, they have an apparently viable business and development plan, in which they detail the way in which the business will be carried out, but to date nothing of what they mention has been fulfilled, their development plan and integration of the token has not it has been fulfilled.

FINAL: They are still in time to offer their platform. but I see it difficult I would recommend staying away from this token.

Pros & cons

  • Nothing
  • Launch date of your pre-sale 2018, without current launch of your product or demo in BETA, Alpha ... etc ...
  • No data on their social networks since March of this year, as well as in medium since February.
  • In their white paper they claim that they have a series of proprietary algorithms that will be used on the platform but there is no way to test their services yet.
  • Currently the token has no demand or real utility which makes its price low.
Benaiah Akinlade
August 17, 2020
The essence of AI is to mimic human intelligence. If the platform has been programmed for AI but not exhibiting intelligence, it’s either the programmer has low intelligence or the program has a bug. AI is the way forward in modern technology but there is a warning; a poorly designed AI program will destroy the project at hand. Companies intending to deploy AI must ensure that it’s well programmed by the best available programmers, else it could spell doom for the company. Well researched piece 👍👍👍