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Review on PAYCENT by Ayu Anggraini


Paycent is a project that I have known since 2018, this project is famous for The Paycent app and its Hybrid wallet.

paycent is a financial platform with the ability to exchange digital assets to FIAT that is available globally, in more than 200 countries and 36 million merchants, paycent also has a global mobile e wallet or Hybrid app so you can easily buy cryptos, store, send, receive , manage your digital assets on the paycent app and convert it to fiat again with real time accessibility and real time transfer because the wallet is connected to various top exchanges.

There are several cryptocurrency that are accepted in the paycent app. For example Bitcoin (BTC), LEthereum (ETH), VERGE (XVG), XRP, DigiByte (DGB), Dash coins, Verge (XVG), Dragonchain, LTC and Binance Coin (BNB) and I hope more cryptos are accepted here in the future.

At present the value of the paycent token (PYN) of the utility token of the paycent has dropped dramatically from its value in 2018 of around 1500 satoshis.

And currently the paycent token (PYN) is only worth around 89 satoshis. When Ico Paycent is only able to reach 5% of its total hardcap, and various methods are used to increase the price of the Pyn Token such as reducing the number of tokens.

At the time of ICO, 1 PYN = 0.69 USD

at present the number of token paycent tokens has been significantly reduced from 100 million to only 14,689,371 PYNs

But unfortunately the price of PYN only reached 0.16 USD as the highest price after trading

. Many people are not familiar with Paycent. At the moment one of the PYN utility offered by Paycent is the devident . If users hold or keep their PYN in a Paycent digital wallet, they will be eligible for rewards and cashback. The more often the user makes transactions, the greater the cash back obtained. Besides PYN holders who have more than 50,000 PYNs in their wallets, the Paycent Card Fee will be reversed to them after 30-90days Hold.

However, at present there are not many crypto users who understand and get information about the PYN token utility so that the PYN is still at a very low price on the crypto currency exchange.

Pros & cons

  • It has Hybrid wallet and paycent app
  • Available globally
  • Paycent has working products
  • Devident,reward and cashback
  • Limited token supply
  • Lisenced trading platform and lisenced in at least 4 country
  • Actually has potential to compete MCO,Tenx,Bitpay
  • Expensive withdrawal fee to ATM
  • Card fee issueance arround $140 which is expensive compare to competitor
  • There is a fee for $1 per day