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Review on PAYCENT by Gabriel Medina

Paycent seeks the union of cryptocurrencies with fiat money

Paycent gives us the freedom to users to enjoy a world where virtual currencies and those backed by a bank are united to allow unlimited transactions. It seeks to close the differences between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

In its concept, it offers users convenience through its portfolio that allows us to send and receive funds in real time. Users will not only be able to interact with cryptocurrencies but with fiat money. Conversions are made internally and users can choose to exchange funds within the portfolio.

Paycent has taken an excellent and utilitarian approach in which we can pay:

  1. Water, electricity or cable bills.
  2. Goods and services within our own country or borders.
  3. Redeem funds with partner merchants to obtain cash.

It is undoubtedly a totally impressive and revolutionary ICO with a vital approach for use between cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Pros & cons

  • Global access to online and offline acceptance points.
  • Decentralized and trusted storage.
  • Exchange rate and transaction available.
  • It is a multi-asset.
  • Rent payment for rental properties.
  • It has not had much relevance except in terms of its cards nothing else.