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Review on Paymon by Ayu Anggraini

Paymon review

Paymon project with its $ PMNT token is a blockchain project that has a main product in the form of Paymon Platform and Hive which will be based on DAG, or Directed Acyclic Graph

.. Hive platforms will be used as a basis for creating our own smart contracts and features that will be on Hive, including lending platforms, currency exchanges, buying and selling real estate, and many more.

The paymon hive will use the PoS system and while HIVE is still under development, the paymon team has stopped doing development and updates to date.

Paymon uses proof of me (pom) as its consensus mechanism, Paymon also uses smart contracts and is made with programming language: Rust and solidity, paymon is open source, uses API, and NTRUMLS as enscryption algorithm as well with post quantum algorithm

Paymon also use Cross-chain communication mechanism.

This Type of cross-chain based decentralized access model also applies in iota, eos and eth

which allow blockchains to verify transactions and information across multiple chains and can enable the creation of Dapps on it ..

.. paymon Blockchain is a type of blockchain that permits less decentralized, without gas, without blocksize, without transaction fees as in ethereum, eos and other blockchain.

.. Blockchain built by PayMon has ability for instant transaction confirmation, without block time, with unlimited TPS / transaction per second.

However, after the launch of the PROFIT Beta version, the team from Paymon experienced a lack of funds due to the bear market and the value obtained from the ICO was insufficient to continue the Paymon project.

At present there is no data that can be obtained for exchanges that provide PMNTs, before the paymon was traded on bitcratic and hitbtc.

I was a paymon at the initial coin offering stage and it is unfortunate that paymon has stopped its development.

Pros & cons

  • Great concept
  • I was unable to access paymon website and profit platform
  • There is no development from the last march 2019
  • The team was not able to speak fluent English and oftenly have a grammatical mistake on their article and website
  • Huge supply (