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Review on Paytomat by Jimmy Centeno

Paytomat (PTI): is a service that allows the user to improve is simple and fast execution.

Paytomat (PTI): is a service that allows the user to improve is simple and fast execution, has an ecosystem of easy use that presents key tools for maximum performance in the online markets, Paytomat allows various payments through various payment platforms, as it is developed as a decentralized platform that ensures the movements and operations of users, our levels of security and privacy are high, handles a block chain that records really fast operation speeds, ensuring a complete record of every trade issued or made on its platform, has an open source that establishes clear guidelines of how their system works and how your investment can grow over time, has some level of potential for new investors in the larger markets, its main use as a currency is to provide online services guaranteed commercial assets of investments at all times, is a currency of easy exchanges that will serve to pay service, means of payment and some other programs.

Pros & cons

  • It registers high speeds in its blockchain and full registration operations.
  • Complete mobile application that allows you to make payments, store tokens and various market features, available for Android and iOS.
  • Its ecosystem can solve millions of operations per minute, its code allows to achieve rapid response to many problems that may arise.
  • registers instability in its commercial assets, it is important to achieve the greatest margin of stability in the online markets, if future investors are expected.