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Review on PolypuX by Aman Arora

A passive income platform built to earn rewards for social media taks

Polypux is a social media platform which use to rewards its users to complete social media tasks by linking their social Media tasks. Polypux currently allow use of limited Social media accounts to link to your polypux account and complete various tasks assigned by system to get rewarded in Pux tokens.

Polypux is unique only in regard to using blockchain technology to reward its users to complete social media tasks otherwise I have used and seen hundreds of social media micro task platforms. Polypux tokens on Web platform can also be used to create missions. In case you want to create a task you can simply fill the field with number of likes or followers you require and reward pux token for each completion.

Polypux is relatively new and has bugs as I try to link accounts with platforms and faces errors and tasks assigned were declined by users but as a early bird user I get rewarded with pux tokens which is the only Income I had on platform.

Platform is still new and in development phase and there can be new ways of earning and more legit passive income streams will be introduced to make it a perfect place to earn and hire users to complete tasks. Pux tokens is still quite low in volume and value and it is understood as there are not too many tokens are getting out of the platform due to platform still is in developing phase.

Pux token coins price is low but I see potential and always back platforms that can bring good and easy way to earn by completing tasks and generate a passive income stream for users around the world.

Pros & cons

  • Polypux a unique platform for earning passive income by connecting Social Media accounts
  • Pux token value and demand is created by user database and their services and for better it is available globally
  • Users can use pux tokens to hire users to complete tasks and pay them in pux after approval
  • Pux lacking development and most of features has recorded errors and bugs
  • Pux token value and utilization is limited only within the platform and it is very hard to earn tokens for completing tasks and earn low value tokens