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Revainrating 1 out of 5  
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Description of Qbic

QBIC Coin is for making instant, private, payments online or in-store using secure open-source platform that will be hosted by thousands of users around the world.QBIC has a great potential for rapid growth and expansion. QBIC based on PoW and Masternode system that will ensure stable return on investment for the miners and Masternode holders.


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Type of review

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The Qbic crypto project has many users.

Dear users, today I am glad to see you at the QBIC project. After its creation, this project entered the work with its own logic. At the moment I have such information that this platform has a large number of users. of course after such data. I have a question "How did he collect such a number of users?" And for that I had to do a little research. It turned out that this project had great advertising and made good announcements. Safe protections were offered by visiting this site. In addition…

  • The project has secure protections.
  • Little information.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Today I want to offer you the Qbic platform.

Welcome, glad to see you users. Today I want to offer you the Qbic platform. When the Qbic project was created, it started working with the same logic at the beginning. At the moment, Qbic has a lot of users, I was surprised when I found out about this information, I thought how he collected a lot of users. And I found information about it, they made an advertisement, and attractive advertisements that users were interested in. When I went to the site, I immediately realized that this project…

  • They offered protection.
  • This project is safe.
  • Not enough review.

Hello to all users of this project. I wanted to give you my opinion. When the firm started its own work, it started working on similar bases, for example, for comparative measurements. As a result, tons of customers were not interested in it. When I entered the page in order to get an idea of ​​this problem, I realized that the page is actually dangerous. For example, a website only has a public screen. I believe the website is actually abandoned. Literally, for example, there are messages in…

  • The site is reliable.
  • The size of the trades is low.
  • I tested myself as an abandoned user.
  • The website looks short.
  • I liked the design, albeit a little.

When the company started, it began to serve similar foundations, such as comparative measures. Therefore, it did not attract a ton of customers. When I went to the page to get an idea of ​​this issue, I realized that the page was not safe. Similarly, the site only has a public screen. I think the site has been abandoned. Similarly, the company’s twitter account has posts in 2019 and has not been reported since. I can say that this has cast doubt on the abandonment of the enterprise. Around…

  • I liked the design, albeit a little.
  • The website looks low.
  • I felt abandoned by the users.
  • Trade volume is low.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

your investment can run the risk of losing money.

When the project was launched, it started to serve with the same logic as projects like this. For this reason, I think it has not been able to attract many users. When I entered the website to have detailed information about the project, I realized that the website was not secure. In addition, there is only an advertisement screen on the website. You probably think the website is abandoned. In addition, there are posts on the project's twitter account posted in 2019, no posts since then. I can

  • Sorry, nothing.
  • the website is not secure.
  • may have been abandoned.
  • worthless token.
  • no daily trading volume.

QBIC in global perspectives is a platform that does not offer something new to investors and consumers since there are thousands of projects that have a philosophy similar to this one, for this reason it is difficult to enter the market with a project like this that is already something saturated.

  • Speed in transactions, protection in the identity of users. if you have a node online, you can receive rewards for the verification of data blocks.
  • This project has as an obstacle the large number of competitors, who offer siled services. It is listed in few markets, the wallet is not very competitive to make p2p payments. it is not compatible with almost any online wallet available.I do not find it innovative, high volatility in prices but always at the bottom which is not a good indicator for investors and people who are behind projects