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Review on Quant by Jimmy Centeno

Quant (QNT): is a project that is developed in a private network with privileges.

Quant (QNT): is a project that is developed in a private network with privileges, which allows a market and security experience that is comfortable for users who interact on this platform, applying recognition algorithms in operations and establishing the administrative guidelines that are necessary to bring a project to market, its ecosystem presents a clear market idea that focuses on the profits of commercial assets, taking into account that it is a decentralized project with a good commercial presentation and establishes an implementation plan and savings clearly, For new investors, its use as a currency is derived to the business use and to be handled with large amounts in operations a level of total liquidity, its network of functions is so organized that sub process are evaluated by the nodes and clearly verify the processes of purchase and payments that are made, Quant is a useful tool if you want to start your business because it is not a bet as risky as others, is stable and secure and records good profit margin.

Pros & cons

  • Its presence in the markets plays an important role at the time of investing, thanks to the support given by its investors they can potentiate the commercial level that the currency represents.
  • The user experience that your ecosystem processes, is pleasant for future new users because it is adaptive and is profitable when executing large operations.
  • You do not currently have your own wallet, for the management of commercial assets it is necessary to use a third party wallet in which you have perfect technical support.