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Volume$ 6,488,684.03

About Quant

Quant is the blockchain Operating System for the future. It empowers applications to function across multiple blockchains. Overledger securely removes the barriers that prohibit communication across multiple blockchains, providing endless possibilities for your data and applications.

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A crypto project with high token value: Quant

Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will present you my review about the Quant crypto project, a crypto project from the projects section. I met the Quant project approximately 1 year ago…See more

A common network over networks

Quant is a crypto money project developed to organize and bring together all systems running on blockchains and to ensure the harmony of all transactions…See more

Quant; fixing problems of interoperability challenges

Looking back in the days where transactions between block chains quest for a very high fees and sometimes almost impossible. Now, the problem has been successfully address through the innovation of…See more

Quant Crypto

Quant is an operating system distributed ledger technology and Overledger Network, that was built and developed for the purpose of connecting different blockchain networks together. Quant as a…See more


Quant is a platform built around overledger in other to solve the interoperability problems faced by cryptocurrency ledger, it tends to achieve this by running itself over the blockchains. You can…See more

Quant: serves as a means of investment since it has a good operating structure.

Quant (QNT): is a small project that serves as a means of investment as it has a good operating structure by developing technologies that allows users to have a pleasant market experience, it is…See more

Quant (QNT): is a project that is developed in a private network with privileges.

Quant (QNT): is a project that is developed in a private network with privileges, which allows a market and security experience that is comfortable for users who interact on this platform, applying…See more

QNT is showing steady growth.

Their plan of action encourages development to the platform which drives the interest and the requirement for QNT tokens. This is important for the product procedure focused to developers and…See more

Review on Quant.

While other interoperability projects force clients to use at least one specific blockchain, Quant has virtually no restrictions on this matter. Flexibility and rapid implementation are fundamental…See more

It is a pioneering technology company combining cybersecurity.

This is a long term hold. Investors should be well read on the projects progress over the next few months as they push through their milestones. Apart from those few minor concerns considerations, I…See more