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Review on Quant by Ernesto Palma

Quant: serves as a means of investment since it has a good operating structure.

Quant (QNT): is a small project that serves as a means of investment as it has a good operating structure by developing technologies that allows users to have a pleasant market experience, it is possible to achieve full synchronization with blockchain services, through the development of its protocol that ensures its position in the market, with useful tools for users, it aims to become is one of the main carriers of blockchain solutions on the market, with its high data processing capabilities and high level of privacy and encryption of information, its currency is linked directly as a means of payment that serves to acquire its services, and is easily acquired in the markets and in the exchanges, with a possible growth if it manages to develop its entire roadmap and be 100% connected with all the services, it has a level, its growth as a project was slow.

Pros & cons

  • Designed to provide as soon as possible an answer to all the problems that may arise in its ecosystem.
  • It is presented in the international market as a very complete currency, but with unique novelties.
  • It is a project that has a county level of security that is considered acceptable when performing market operations.
  • It is a project that requires more support from its investors, to achieve new commercial opportunities that help to balance it in the market, and to improve the advertising section.