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Review on Quant by Emmanuel Sunday

Quant; fixing problems of interoperability challenges

Looking back in the days where transactions between block chains quest for a very high fees and sometimes almost impossible. Now, the problem has been successfully address through the innovation of the quant network. They where able to built a for of an ecosystem around over ledger which solves the interoperability challenges of block chains. The platform act as a transaction layer, by connecting two block chain rather than being a block chain. This technology is a huge breakthrough to this issue in the industry. The quant token the coin or means of transaction within the platform. It is seen as a nice investment as it has been performing well in the market. It is tradable in various exchange which includes the bittrex, uniswap, hotbit and so on. It has a 24 hour trading volume of about 6million and a good price of $36. I see it out performing pass this level in a short time. So its absolutely recommend able

Pros & cons

  • It is presently in full operation and functioning.
  • Its token is performing well in the market with a good trading volume
  • The project successfully fixed the problems of interoperability of blockchains
  • I see no downside on this project.