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Review on Quant by Adedayo Adeniji


Quant is a platform built around overledger in other to solve the interoperability problems faced by cryptocurrency ledger, it tends to achieve this by running itself over the blockchains.

You can built multi chain apps through the Quant facility as it runs an appstore like google and apple.

QNT is the symbol for the native token of Quant and it functions as a license key to the Quant platform, the token gives permission to the overledger operating system for multi chain apps and end users will need to hold so as to use and access Multi chain apps. It is ERC20 based and runs on ethereum network.

Quant is another wonderful project to explore by everyone.

Pros & cons

  • It solves interoperability problems of blockchain
  • It uses overledger operating system
  • It allows development of multi chain apps.
  • Its token is well listed
  • It needs more awareness for patronage