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Review on Quant by Crypto Fact

Review on Quant.

While other interoperability projects force clients to use at least one specific blockchain, Quant has virtually no restrictions on this matter. Flexibility and rapid implementation are fundamental aspects for Big Bassines and Quant emphasizes the need to develop their new systems or perform complete overhauls of existing networks.

Quant has the opportunity to become the standard for blockchain interactivity. Thus, Quant is generally dependent on the success and rate of blockchain adoption. This process will take time. One of the things we have noticed is the widespread community support behind this project, which is always an important factor in evaluating long-term investments.

Pros & cons

  • Quant Network aims to solve one of the most critical issues, blockchain technology will have to overcome in order to provide viable use cases for businesses and organizations: The lack of Interoperability.
  • Quant presents an all-in-one solution that provides simplicity for the end user, which is what is needed to enable mass adoption of blockchain technology.
  • Quant developed “the world’s first blockchain operating system.
  • It will take time to mature and provide returns, as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) providers such as Quant, are highly dependent on overall Blockchain adoption.