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Review on Quant by Robiul Islam

It is a pioneering technology company combining cybersecurity.

This is a long term hold. Investors should be well read on the projects progress over the next few months as they push through their milestones. Apart from those few minor concerns considerations, I'm excited to see Quant succeed which they surely will.

Updated 2 years ago
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Recently, SIA partners with Quant Network to explore blockchain interoperability solutions for banks & financial institutions. Also Quant Network selected as one of 15 Cybersecurity scaleups at LORCACyber.

Pros & cons

  • Quant represents a solution that is incredibly easy for the end user organization that we like to see. Flexibility, Ease of Use and Uptime is incredibly important to big business’s and Quant definitely emphasizes their ability to scrub away the need to invest in costly new systems or perform complete overhauls of existing networks. It’s been pretty hard to ignore Quant lately, especially with everything they’ve been up to. To show off their Multi-Chain Apps, They created a Decentralized Amazon running simultaneously across Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin powered by Overledger which is incredible. If you put any weight into this project, you’ll be pretty confident that the project is in good hands.
  • Can’t seem to find a whole lot on partners using the product just yet. Yes, we fully understand that Quant is making some serious moves towards onboarding partners and developing it’s core products.