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Review on ReddCoin by Gabriel Medina

The social cryptocurrency Reddcoin

It is not a secret that there has been a lot of impact with social networks in society, this is totally remarkable. These tools are already part of our daily or daily life, whatever you want to call it. Well, thanks to this, the idea of ​​incorporating the exchange of value in these networks arose, directly and simply with Reddcoin.

How does it work?

In principle it can be used like any cryptocurrency that works as decentralized money. Leaving the above behind, the most interesting thing about its platform is the integration with social networks and how we can achieve a more valuable interaction in them. As a solution we have the ReddID plugin that the user can install in their browser. Once activated, you will be able to synchronize your wallet and your funds in RDD in said browser and you will see a small RDD button next to each publication on social networks. Thus, you can tip your friends on various social networks as well as receive them. To do this, you must create a unique identifier or ReddID. Then you link it to compatible social networks. Thus, the exchange of value of the social cryptocurrency begins. This platform connects with the decentralized network of Reddcoin, providing security, fast transactions and a unique ecosystem on the ground.


The community is very committed to the project. The developer team is made up of several professionals in different areas, but Reddcoin is not conformed to a corporate scheme per se. Thus, it remains a fairly decentralized project and responsibilities are fairly evenly distributed. The team is forthcoming about progress, although they have occasionally moved deadlines and deadlines.

Final reflection

Is a project to look at carefully, keep track of every advance because it can turn into something big for the future. It needs to evolve more considerably, but I think it represents a useful solution to give value to the exchange of content on social networks. It has developed an easy and friendly interface for exchanging money on sites like Facebook or Twitter. Its success will depend on the market response and how potential consumers adapt.

Pros & cons

  • An original and pioneering solution in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Useful for users who want to exchange value on social networks.
  • It is a fast and efficient network, scalable enough for massive use.
  • Multiple solutions to boost your tipping scheme.
  • Launch of tools very close to the planned dates.
  • Committed community and uses a special scheme to benefit its owners and active users.
  • Unfortunately it is a little known project and without relevance in the market.
  • Although it launches several solutions, these are used in a very small group.
  • RDD could be promoted if a more serious and corporate system were acquired.
  • RDD crypto supply is too high.