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Review on Relex by serdar seyliyev

an old project

It is a project often used frequently in North America. The project has a serving token called RLX. This type of coin, which saw a lot of value when it first entered the market, started to decrease a little with the increase of investors.

Since it is an ER-20 based token, users generally preferred this project. However, it was traded on very few stock exchanges. In addition to this, I think that the limited number of swap options to trade the token has pushed some users away from the project.

Trading with RLX is very easy and fast. Although transaction fees seemed competitive at first, transaction fees started to increase a lot later. As a result of some researches I have done, it is said that the transaction fees have increased because the project company pays its country. However, I am not entirely sure about this.

Despite all this, today the project is rarely preferred, to put it in plain language, it does not see the same as before. When you visit the website, you will see that the https address is not SSL secure. This situation worried me about my safety. So, I think this project can now be the target of hacking attacks anytime. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend investing in RLX token. Additionally, they are very complex in design and user interface. An example of this is confusing articles on the home screen of the website. Also, I think it might be a problem for beginners as there is little language support.

Finally, I realized that the project has not developed in recent years and new features have not been updated. For this reason I think the Relex project has been abandoned.

Pros & cons

  • ERC-20 based token available.
  • When it first came to the market, it had seen a lot of trouble.
  • investors were generally investing in this project.
  • transactions were carried out easily and quickly.
  • transaction fees went up.
  • The value of the RLX token has always remained low.
  • I have fears for security.
  • There is no SSL security.
  • no innovation.