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About Relex

Relex is an investment platform that uses cryptocurrency to provide transparency, accountability, and immutability to real estate development investment opportunities that could otherwise be considered too risky or opaque.

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RELEX: Providing a Free-source Software Blockchain for Companies (Little Supported)

Relex is a type of blockchain software that can be reached through its official page. It has a standard design and the content is very limited to get the correct meaning of what they provide. In…See more

an old project

It is a project often used frequently in North America. The project has a serving token called RLX. This type of coin, which saw a lot of value when it first entered the market, started to decrease…See more

Digital transformation via crowdfunding.

Its increase transparency and accountability scores and qualify for a wider flow of capital to invest in their projects. This is a win-win situation for both investors and project owners, where…See more

World’s first real estate development cryptocurrency.

Relex is already making their commitments well. They’ve successively communicated with their investors and the community is as strong as ever. It looks like they’ve followed through on their initial…See more