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Review on Relex by Robiul Islam

World’s first real estate development cryptocurrency.

Relex is already making their commitments well. They’ve successively communicated with their investors and the community is as strong as ever. It looks like they’ve followed through on their initial Roadmap and we’ll hopefully get another update from their incredible team.

Such cryptocurrency will be interesting to see developments. For a long time, investors should be at Relex, but if they succeed in their plans in large scale, they can see very high Income.They have no competition yet, but if they start to move significantly and RLX prices rise, some others would expect to take action. Overall great project.

Since it was available for trading, RLX did not have a decent price hike, but due to this it could be due to the lack of suitable exchange which is available only in IDEX, LATOKEN , and other small exchanges. The good thing about this reasonably steady price action is that once RLX does start to pick up in price there’s a whole lot of price discovery ahead of it, not much in the way of resistance from a TA perspective.

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Since the company offering is not changing based on price of Relex I imagine it is the vessel that will be what drives the price up as they announce things and put it on IDAX forcing people to buy Relex at a higher price. For someone to buy that much RLX would inevitably increase the price a ton. The other projects funding goals change according to RLX value. The difference makes me believed that it’s connected to the transition!

Pros & cons

  • Relex real estate development is the first mover in the incredibly profitable industry. It offers investors an easy way to enter a market that is traditionally very hard to access. In a traditional market invested in real estate development, long and complicated processes and no good reason, those who can spend a small amount of cash and there is no reason to disconnect those who have access to millions of dollars. Big bucks people always have the right way over the average investor and as a result, things are muddied and transparent. There is more to it, but in short, developers and investors have many hands-on intermediaries to cut the funds. Of course, to make that change to the Relex here.
  • The use case for the Relex token is really easy. Investors are essentially given an scope, asked to signal their interest and then given the scope to help with funding that development, as a stakes, they’re given a share of the benefits in ETH. That’s really all there is to it. Investors now have the scope to fund developments for some of the top and emerging development companies in Asia and North America, all with entirely no minimum investment amount. This is way out from the norm and offers both developers and investors a whole other level of independence. Relex has made using RLX as simple as possible and they even go into why RLX is necessary to the platform.
  • What has us really imprinted about Relex is the amount of news and developments that have been going on in the background. They partnered with the multi-billion dollar company's FLC Group, discovered the construction opportunities in Asia, signed a $ 3 million deal with a Russian processing factory, many companies got on the board, and more. There’s some serious progress being made if you are up for a bit of research. When you consider all that has been done in such a short period it’s crazy massive potential.
  • In an emerging market, the power of the team is incredibly important to say whether or not a venture will succeed. Relex has a lot of very successful people working hard on developing the platform. Their Team has some real experience in global and emerging markets which is critical to this type of first moving project.
  • My real concerns about the Relex are possible preventive hurdles that can be confronted. There’s plenty of red tape and middlemen who are taking their cut for things like tax when it comes to large investment markets. Governments love to control their economy and they no doubt get nervous when millions of dollars are flowing in and out of the country via cryptocurrencies, so a cryptocurrency dealing with real estate development will probably stick out as a double whammy in terms of them wanting a cut.
Robiul Islam
August 01, 2019
You're welcome, it has been my pleasure helping you out :)
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August 01, 2019
So helpful, thank you !