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Review on Relex by José A Rodríguez

RELEX: Providing a Free-source Software Blockchain for Companies (Little Supported)

Relex is a type of blockchain software that can be reached through its official page. It has a standard design and the content is very limited to get the correct meaning of what they provide. In this page, I noticed there is no information about their providers and developers. However, it keeps receiving some updates, but it seems to be little supported and it is possible that low management and investment is being given to it. It is not clear if it will fail in the future, but as things are being registered it is so possible.

This page, anyway, counts with a license and an open-source certification. They also provide the same for all parts that want to get involved in the service. The software they permit to download is given with the purpose certain institutions grow up with the support of blockchain technology and see how interesting are they for the future of finances. Definitely, that's something great for many little supported companies.

But as security, trustworthiness, and experience matters, some researchers still think this service provides a short future for those big companies. This is a project that has a big competition in the marketplace, and it's a pity many of those services are giving customers what they need, while the ones that explore their page do not feel comfortable.

Finally, this service is of little recognition in the world. It is just available for some countries in Europe, so other interested users cannot make use of it. Personally, the page is open here without issues, and it even has access to the centre of finalists, but it is not possible for us.

Pros & cons

  • Good concept to provide blockchain technology to diverse companies and institutions through a free-source software. It is not difficult to download and install.
  • This service faces great disadvantages. It is not really committed to the things it provides. Their users are little, and it counts with a small global audience because the service is just available for some regions of Europe.
  • The investment that certain companies take on it might become a risk with time.
  • This service has not a goods security later that represents the company and users' digital health.
  • It has a big competition that does not represent a really good landscape for this team.