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Review on XRP by Moises G.

Review on Ripple.

Ripple seems to be a currency that is in fact the future. While there is still some debate around this, it can be argued that the situation is much better now than it was several months ago. Basically, Ripple is keeping all his guns, while the downside is slowly starting to go away. As such, Ripple has the potential to be a good investment, though it is highly advisable to do your own research before making a final decision or taking any real action.

Pros & cons

  • They sell Ripples directly to banks and other institutions.
  • Allow you to exchange into/from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Low price and decent stability.
  • Regulatory uncertainty and controversy.
Maximiliano Aquino
February 11, 2020
Despite many disbelievers about XRP, I am an active user of XRP and I have with me that currency has a lot of potential.
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