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Review on ROOBEE by David Olayide


Investments are a very important part of the business world and it can rightly be referred to as the back bone of most successful business moguls or giants today, in the business world. It is now possible, to invest in a whole lot of different options and this includes both the traditional market and the crypto market. To facilitate this investment in both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets we have a lot of investment platforms that offer an interface that allows you to make and monitor or manage your investments quite easily. Now, dig this. Roobee (ROOBEE) which is an example, is a blockchain-based investment platform that allows users to invest in products from both the traditional and crypto markets. You should know, that the platform is in development and already operational from what I see and observed. One thing that I find very interesting and attractive is the fact that on Roobee, you can actually invest for as low as $10 and this is a very good thing as Roobee this, gives anyone with any income level an opportunity to invest in any of the various investment products available on the Roobee platform. From cryptocurrency, to stocks, to real estate and IPOs or ETFs and many other options as well. This is more or less, one of the most attractive feature of the Roobee platform that I personally like. Investment platforms are expected to be a 100% transparent with the investments of their clients. The best way to achieve this is through the implementation of the blockchain technology. Roobee does exactly that, by utilizing the blockchain technology to provide a transparency of users investments which are recorded on the blockchain. These details which are recorded on the blockchain cannot be forged or tampered with at all. I discovered on the Roobee website that you can also make your payments for investments through the debit or credit card option. There are also no limitations or high entry requirements. An ecosystem will not be complete without having a set of different but related departments or facets that each have something to offer. If it doesn’t then it would hardly qualify as an ecosystem. I like to see Roobee as an ecosystem too. Roobee of course, has a native token. The ROOBEE token is an essential part of the ROOBEE ecosystem and as such it is the token that fuels the services and operations or interactions with the platform. With the token there are several advanced features, staking, master nodes or farming. Then there’s the factor of reduced fees, opportunity to get some NFTs, and increased status on the ROOBEE platform. Uniswap, Gateio, BitForex, HitBTC, and Liquid among other cryptocurrency exchanges are some of the exchange platforms you can visit to purchase ROOBEE on. Another thing I like about Roobee is that they are partnered with a host of reputable market leaders. This synergy is to help provide customers and clients with a wider range of investment products and also ensure the ease and security of funds and payments. Chainlink, Changelly, Trust Wallet, BitGo, Trezor and mercuryo are some examples of the partners they have. Roobee is a very good Platform from what I have discovered and it is safe enough to invest with. So give it a try when you’re ready.

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Since investments are a very important part of business and almost any profit oriented endeavor, it is natural to seek out the best platform to help you manage your investments with ease and little restrictions while also providing tools like accessories to help you succeed. I’m glad to say that Roobee successfully ticks all those important boxes. If you’re thinking of investing, then Roobee is the best place to start.

Pros & cons

  • Roobee is a very stable investment platform
  • Persons with any income level can invest for as low as $10 in any variety of investment products
  • Roobee is transparent and investments are recorded on the blockchain
  • Payment option through credit card or debit card
  • The ROOBEE token is multipurpose
  • Roobee is partnered with several market leaders
  • None

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