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Review on RSK Smart Bitcoin by francis fernandez

RSK Smart Bitcoin: a multifunctional and secure ecosystem

Many cryptographic platforms offer functions of diverse utility but individually or in isolation; Finding a digital solution that combines multiple functions under a single infrastructure is of great help and importance for e-commerce regulars.

RSK Smart Bitcoin is an ecosystem that integrally groups a set of digital solutions under the infrastructure and security offered by blockchain technology.

RSK or RootStock was born as a collateral technological improvement to the Bitcoin blockchain. Its functions within this network are diverse:

• Serves as a multifunctional protocol to develop smart contracts

• Create an instant online payment gateway

• Allows the creation of digital monetary systems

• Serves as a technological mechanism for digital authentication programs

• Allows the safeguarding and protection of assets in the Bitcoin network


The platform infrastructure is based on the parallel operation of its chain with respect to the Bitcoin network; acting as a gateway between both networks. Because of that; A bidirectional link is established that makes possible the 1: 1 equivalence between the RBTC token (RSK Smart Bitcoin) in relation to the BTC currency.

The technological advantage of the RSK Smart Bitcoin platform is that you can take advantage of the powerful Bitcoin infrastructure to create myriad non-custodial solutions and various large-scale smart contracts.


For the maintenance of its decentralized network, RSK Smart Bitcoin uses the POW (Proof of Work) consensus mechanism in the process of mining or generating its blockchain, with the use of the SHA-256 protocol; on the RVM technological machinery and computing power of Bitcoin.

RSK, despite the fact that it works in parallel with the Bitcoin network and benefits from its infrastructure; It is a protocol that exceeds the benefits of Bitcoin, in terms of speed of transactions and payments; and development of smart contracts; for this reason it is one of the most valuable platforms on the market.

Pros & cons

  • It is a multifunctional platform
  • Offers a secure e-commerce network
  • It is a protocol without custody or intermediation of third parties
  • It has a powerful technological infrastructure
  • It has no disadvantages