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Review on SocialGood by Aygerim Begjanowa

SocialGood is a cryptocurrency project aimed at success.

Everything we do depends on our beliefs about improving the world. Our methods to change the world are to expand the Social Good Ecosystem that gives Win-Win-Win to all people, organizations and society in general, by connecting the world using digital currency SocialGood.
It is our desire to unite people, organizations and society and the more you do what you love, the more you will bring the world to the top.
They can return money every time you buy a Social Good Ecosystem ™ supported by AI and blockchain news. Licenses have been effectively approved for this system. In addition, part of the Cash Back portion will be donated to associations that contribute to the community through AI. These mechanized gifts increase your social appreciation by becoming popular online via SNSs like Facebook and Instagram.
By trading in more than 1,800 stores every day just like eBay, Amazon and Nike, they can get back 100% of the money you buy for crypto SocialGood, abbreviated SG for nothing. SG Bittrex and other crypto trades.

Pros & cons

  • Note to reward those who use the program.
  • Blockchain has the support or support of artificial intelligence.
  • I didn’t find the bad side.