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Review on TokenPay by Jimmy Centeno

TokenPay (TPAY): is a financial token that integrates 2 services in 1.

TokenPay (TPAY): is a financial token that integrates 2 services in 1, a wallet of multiple uses and a very wide system of means of payments, thanks to the platform of games the system is viable and safe can use your credit card to make payments and buy token or to acquire in a catalog of 16 different currencies among them the most popular of the market, has a whole section for the means of payment in the games and those who enter the world garming and all interactive payment gateway, buying and selling currencies, has had a great development in this medium, with the technology Blockchain and its decentralization is really viable and secure and processes more than 1 million market transactions in a very efficient and stable, has a total liquidity of all assets acquired in the market.

Pros & cons

  • It moves in an intense market registering a capitalization of 680 USD, and with volumes of 708 USD, it registers volumes higher than its capitalization.
  • It can be exchanged for the following currencies, TPAY / BTC, TPAY / USDT, with a stable confidence level.
  • Texto de origen It has a mobile application (wallet) that serves to host all tokens purchased and earned through this platform, with complete control and custody of assets.
  • Its shares in the stock market in the last 24 hours indicate that its capital fell around 200 USD.
  • Its value as a currency is lower, it can improve.