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Review on TokenPay by Alex Martakov

Taking into account these prospects, the project looks like a good direction…

Taking into account these prospects, the project looks like a good direction for investment. There are both short-term and long-term investments that can bring profit both on news events and on the gradual development of TokenPay. However, in the context of the presented factors, it is recommended to take into account the possible risks.

Pros & cons

  • From the standpoint of convenience, the desire of TokenPay developers to combine the functionality of existing banks with digital technologies is emphasized. The main focus is on creating wallets, as well as virtual and plastic debit cards. The latter is expected to run with the following characteristics: (+)- withdrawal of funds in the base currency is free, for other money the Commission will be$3; (+)- the purchase of a plastic card will cost $ 15, virtual free; (+)- for the service fee is not charged, but if the annual turnover is less than a thousand dollars, you will need to pay $ 10.
  • The main factor is the issue of competitiveness: the idea of a means of payment, a purse, banking services and even the issue of plastic cards to some extent are offered by other projects. In this context, the prospects of TokenPay will depend on the successful technical implementation of the site and the marketing campaign. Separately isolated and the scandal of bounty program TokenPay. For support and cooperation at an early stage, users were promised certain payments. However, this aspect was replayed: first, the promised amounts were reduced, and then the issue was closed without any charges.