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TOP: a driving platform for decentralized solutions

In the crypto market there are numerous projects with different characteristics and qualities; however, not all of them have efficient technological support that contributes to the optimization of…See more

A feature-rich ecosystem in a league of its own

TOP is a sharding public blockchain network supporting any DApp in general. But the exciting thing is the TOP team is basically developing a public communication network infrastructure where every…See more

An Impressive Team, Highly scalable, High Transaction Rate, Superfast Confirmation - all the ingredients to make it to the TOP

The TOP Mainnet is yet to be launched in Q2 of 2020, but the project has already generated hype due to its rather amazing features. TOP is a public blockchain project capable of supporting any…See more

Blockchain, Staking, Dapp

TOP Network is building its eco system. There are wallet, exchange, games, and etc. in the ecosystem now. The wallet called HiWallet, it's very easy to use and users can participate TOP Staking and…See more