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About Unibright

Unibright is the first unified framework for blockchain based business integration.

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A bound together structure for blockchain based business reconciliation.

Team imagines the platform being utilized over a wide assortment of divisions. The team is likewise persistently growing the tasks use-case also. The team is entering the vitality segment and is…See more

UBT always Bright

UBT offers the opportunity to define and keep both data and functions in a single block. Actually, this is a bit risky. Keeping all transactions on a single block causes blocks to swell, increase…See more

Used for a variety of business needs.

I'm extremely optimistic that this has laid the foundation for future success. They offer an exciting set of technologies, professional business development, market prospects and team experiences…See more

Blockchain business use service.

This project aims to create new horizons regarding the integration of blockchain services at the business level. In general, it is made up of specialists in this field who provide high-level…See more

Businesses are welcome!

1. What is unibright ? - It's a platform that wants to bring traditional bussinesses to the blockchain. 2. Token distribution - Only 6% of the tokens for the team witch is very possitive since all…See more