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Review on Waves by Mr Benji

Waves the ultimate ECOSYSTEM.

1. To make it simple Waves is decentralized blockchain platform focusing on enabling users to create own tokens, currency and ICO.

interesting facts: a) The CEO (Sasha Ivanov) of Waves was working as a CO-Founder on Nxt project before waves.

2. CATS (Custom applications tokens) - One of the main functions of waves platform is token making using CATS. There are more than 23 500 tokens issued on waves paltform. Projects like: MGO, WGR, INCT or PBT were issued there. 1 waves that's all you have to pay to issue token on waves under 5 min. On top of this you don't need to know any programator language to isseu token on waves platform.

3. ICOHUB - how does it work? The most prommising project that is starting on waves platform and it's choosen in special poll by the community, will receive help by the developers in waves team during ico stage!

4. WavesDEX - Enabling to trade between every token that was made on waves platform and in pairs with waves. All tokens created on waves are instantly avalible to trade on their DEX, but the wavesDEX can also trade other cryptocurrencies.

Fiat gateway: In order to use fiat gateways you need to pass KYC.

Gateway for almost all major cryptocurrencies.

WavesDEX vs BinanceDEX

-The main advantage of WavesDEX is that you can instanly trade token that you created there. Also Binance is charging up to 100.000USD to list token.

Smart contracts - Thanks to implementing smart contracts on waves platform we got some interesting Functions.

multi seek addresses - Adresses that require a lot of signatures to to withdraw funds

Token freeze - We can freeze tokens that we created so the investors will know for sure that we can't use those tokens.

Atomic Swaps

Whitelist voting

5. Waves wallet - In waves wallet we can hold not only waves, but some major cryptocurrencies as well + all tokens created on waves. The wallet is made for every platform.

6. Leased Proof-of-Stake - To make it very simple. For holding waves on waves wallet we are getting more waves and if we get more waves we can get even more.:emoji:

7. Node, leasing - If you don't have enought tokens to create a node by yourself, you can lease your waves to other nodes, listed on waves website.

Waves is an ultimate ECOSYSTEM!:emoji:

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- announced RIDE activation on main net (More than 2k contracts invocations in 24 hours)

- On July 17th they are having AMA with the CEO. According to his twitter account, he is not afraid of price questions since the price is bleeding.

he was even making a pool on twitter if they should announce buyback I am expecting some juicy price moves during AMA.

Pros & cons

  • Very huge community (Over 130k likes in twitter, 80k on Facebook, Over 50k on Reddit)
  • WavesDEX - Decentralized exchange / with good volume
  • The CEO was in crypto projects since 2013 launching website coinomat com working till day.
  • One of the biggest ICO in term of founds raised in 2016
  • Very good token metrics the owners only have 9% of total tokens
  • 85% of tokens were sold to community during ICO that's HUGE! We don't see it often today
  • CATS - Custom applications tokens (Issuing your own token cost only 1 WAVES)
  • Very cheap transactions - 0.001 WAVES specially compared to ethereum or bitcoin fees
  • ICOHUB - Helping good startups
  • Fiat gateways with only 0.01 USD fee
  • Smart contracts - functions like (Token freeze, multi seek addresses, Atomic Swaps and Whitelist voting)
  • dApps creation
  • System tokenomica - enabling STO on waves
  • own wallet for every platform.
  • Using algorytms LPoS - Leased Proof-of-Stake
  • Node creation, leasing
  • BinanceDEX- competitor for WavesDEX - volume dropped after opening binance
  • Etherum, Neo, Lisk, Stratis all competitors in smart contracts area