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Review on Wibson by José A Rodríguez

Wibson: This Project Has Frequent Failures and Bugs in the Mobile App

Wibson is a Blockchain project which also contributes to the main initiative by protecting data for users, but also empowering them to be free and act with the autonomy to decide who can manage their data and work with it. This is clear because most of the time data is scattered in the web and it tends to be open for different purposes. This Blockchain project works through a mobile app that is available for Android and Apple users. This app can be easily found in the app store. In fact, I was researching on the app store when I found this project, I also noticed it has been little operative because the platform tends to present frequent failures, and sometimes the site can not be reached.

Having said that, it is difficult to think that this project can serve a good purpose while it keeps presenting bugs that are not commonly fixed. The mobile app is also outdated, and users dislike some features of it because it has not many options for connecting it to what they do on the internet. The company, on the other hand, tries to ensure they are a transparent, and secure network, but thanks to those simple issues it has had a bad reputation in the market.

Another thing I do not like from this project is that the company does not upload much relevant information about what services it can really offer, and how are their policies structured. The only thing that worries them the most is to ensure users have access to the app stores to download the app. They just upload some common phrases relating the same over and over again. Personally, this company has a low marketing representation and their way to catch user's attention is not appropriate.

Finally, some sections in the platform cannot be assessed. The system even does not load them, and that is not because of internet connection, but of inner failures in the system.

In conclusion, Wibson could have been a project with great scalability despite offering a common service that receives much competition. The fact is that the company does not really promote it as they should, and it keeps presenting issues that I dare to say would keep increasing if they are not solved.

Pros & cons

  • It offers assistance to data protection, but due to the common issues registered on the platform, it is difficult to trust they are reliable.
  • Web platform tends to fail. It can be difficult or even impossible for some users of reaching the site.
  • It has low marketing promotions, and the representation the project receives is not effective at all.
  • The mobile app has a design standard, and it is not easy to manage. It commonly presents some bugs.
  • Sometimes it denies access to users. It is an issue that frequently happens.