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Review on Yakuza DAO by orlymar cordova

Yakuza (YKZ), a project recovered by members of their community.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency industry in general is characterized by providing users with security, reliability and transparency in transactions, there are records about dishonest or corrupt projects within the crypto space. Yacuza YKZ (formerly known as YFKZ) is an example of this type of project. In this case, its founder committed serious illicit acts by disappearing all the funds and exhausting the liquidity reserve. However, the members of its community in conjunction with developers from the cryptographic area joined forces to re-launch the project until it became one of the most decentralized to date.

By way of justice, the internal community of the DFO (Decentralized Flexible Organization) through a voting process rewarded all investors of the cryptocurrency, exchanging the old digital currency for the current YKZ, much more flexible and with improved characteristics.

The revamped YKZ project is very recent, launched about a month ago. We hope it meets all user expectations.

Pros & cons

  • It is a reliable project. The act of doing justice by rewarding users who were scammed in the original project speaks highly of your community.
  • Yakuza YKZ is an open source project supported by its community.
  • It is a project in development, among its goals is the creation of a mining program and to acquire high value assets.
  • YKZ is an ERC-20 token, with many possibilities for its exchange.
  • It is a little known project, it must be projected even more to increase popularity.
  • The daily trading volume of the YKZ token is very low according to official CMK data.