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About Yakuza DAO

YAKUZA created to fight scammers in crypto - initial goal is to gain value on the treasury by creating a liquidity mining program. Yakuza DAO offers a community driven token with yield farming built on the DFO platform.

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YKZ currency is an ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain) based token and one of its goals (according to the texts on the website) is to increase people's trust in blockchain networks. The number of YKZ currency tokens is very small and this is the first…See full review

Yakuza Dao- through this initiative there should be reduced effect on scam.

A mission to reduce the activities of scammers in the crypto community. However, Yakuza DAO (YKZ) is a digital money token based on top of Ethereum stage, dispatched in September 2020. Yakuza DAO (YKZ) Price for now is $0.0245383, throughout the…See full review

Uzaakuza (YKZ) is an enterprise restored by local people.

KAKUZA has also cracked down on cryptocurrencies - the purpose of the entry is to respect the depository through a liquidity mining program. Uzaakuza DAO, it offers a local area to grow crops on the basis of the DFO stage. YKZ Cash is an ERC20…See full review

Yakuza (YKZ), a venture recuperated by individuals from their local area.

Notwithstanding the way that the digital currency industry overall is portrayed by furnishing clients with security, unwavering quality and straightforwardness in exchanges, there are records about deceptive or degenerate ventures inside the crypto…See full review

Yakuza is a crypto project for fighting scammers

Yakuza Dao is a crypto project entirely targeted at fighting scammers in the block chain environment. The project has a native token known as YKZ which is an erc-20 token built on the ethereum network. The token can be farmed and it can also…See full review

Yakuza DAO project

It was currently taken over by the community and it's support depends on it. The ideas from the community will be voted by the community for good progression so many projects has been founded, mostly with the aims of making funds but very few are…See full review

Wealth is the slave of wise man, the master of a fool.

Nowadays, one of the most important things on certain platforms is undoubtedly using secure apps to do business and pay for your work, but unfortunately we don't see that in practice. The most important thing is that the platform is easy. Use it…See full review

About Yakuza platform

On some platforms today, one of the most important things is undoubtedly in order to do business with a secure application and to get the reward of your efforts, but unfortunately we cannot see this in practice.The most important thing is that a…See full review

A Scammer Fighting Project

So many projects has been founded, mostly with the aim of making funds but very few are talking of securing them. What would be the use of gathering funds when it is not secured. Today, there are many people online, not to trade or transact…See full review

Yakuza DAO is really a Decentralized project

The Yakuza DAO is a Decentralized Flexible organization (DFO) project that was initiated in response to the failing of its parent project Yakuza YKFZ through the scandalous manipulation of the project by it's creator. It was created as a response…See full review

Yakuza (YKZ), a project recovered by members of their community.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency industry in general is characterized by providing users with security, reliability and transparency in transactions, there are records about dishonest or corrupt projects within the crypto space. Yacuza YKZ…See full review