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Review on Yakuza DAO by Olugbenga Ajayi

Yakuza is a crypto project for fighting scammers

Yakuza Dao is a crypto project entirely targeted at fighting scammers in the block chain environment. The project has a native token known as YKZ which is an erc-20 token built on the ethereum network.

The token can be farmed and it can also serve as utility purpose in the Yakuza ecosystem. For the past few days, the token has been dwindling in value but as of today at the hour this review is written, it has gained some value. It will s currently trading at $1.69 which is quite impressive. The token supply is funnily very few. Only 10,000 token was released. Currently, the token is trading on uniswap.

The truth about this project is that only very little can be said about it. There is no available information about the founder and the team.

Pros & cons

  • Yakuza will help in fighting scammers
  • Holders will benefit by farming the token
  • Nothing much is known about the project