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Review on Yakuza DAO by Japheth Ayuba

Yakuza DAO is really a Decentralized project

The Yakuza DAO is a Decentralized Flexible organization (DFO) project that was initiated in response to the failing of its parent project Yakuza YKFZ through the scandalous manipulation of the project by it's creator. It was created as a response to all scam projects going on in the crypto industry. This is achieved through it's total decentralization being a project in the hands of the general public..

As a Decentralized Finance Project, Yakuza DAO with it's native ERC-20 compliant token Yakuza YKZ allows staking for profits and gives the holders voting power. Being an ERC-20 compliant token, Yakuza YKZ can be held on any ERC-20 supporting Ethereum wallet which increases it's versatility. The token is currently trading on Uniswap Decentralized Exchange and it's listing on just one exchange can cause fake price pump and dump and when it is listed on other exchanges then it will be a sure go for me to invest with the project, until then, I'd

Pros & cons

  • It's a Decentralized Finance Project that gives user staking rewards and voting power
  • It's a totally Decentralized project as the project is handled by it's Community
  • It's token YKZ is an ERC-20 token which means it can be held on any ERC-20 supporting Ethereum wallet
  • Listed on only Uniswap exchange