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Review on Zeitcoin by Jorge Hernández

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everything you have always looked for, in a digital asset

The search to achieve a non-custodial financial system that contributes to the balanced distribution of wealth among all people, has been a common goal among some cryptographic platforms.
Zeitcoin is part of this initiative by establishing itself as a cryptographic protocol that in addition to promoting a fair distribution of digital profits among all individuals in the world; offers additional benefits to the users of its digital commerce platform, among them the following stand out:
 Secure digital asset transactions, by accessing personal keys
 Protection of personal information of the user, since it operates with addresses and therefore transactions are executed anonymously
 Efficient cryptocurrency transfer due to confirmation speed of just 2 minutes
 Cryptographic protocol that represents virtual gold, an asset of increasing value in the market
 Electronic payment mechanism without intermediaries
 Offers total autonomy to users to manage, trade, and send digital money
 Safe exchanges in non-custodial markets
 Efficient platform that operates peer to peer for faster cryptocurrency sending and receiving operations
 Fair and balanced transaction fees (minimal or very low)
 Promotes energy saving
 Operates under PoW / PoS protocol, for greater network efficiency
 Not subject to external control
 Creates a network of diverse users at a global level consolidated under the same infrastructure
By looking at the qualities and utilities of Zeitcoin; we can describe it as a very valuable cryptographic protocol, not only because of its characteristics and multiple functions, but also because of its altruistic philosophy and promoter of economic equality among all the inhabitants of the planet.
For trading experts, investors, beginners and ordinary people alike; Zeitcoin represents an opportunity to enter the stock market.

  • Promotes the philosophy of mass inclusion in crypto
  • Autonomous platform supported by its own community
  • Promotes the distribution of wealth equitably
  • Implement anti-fraud security mechanisms through personalized keys
  • Allows you to make transfers completely anonymously
  • No downsides

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