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Translation software automates the process of translating text, audio and even video from one language to another. The most basic translation software relies strictly on word-for-word substitution. Some technologies include rule-based or statistically-modeled translation for more accurate translations. Translation tools translate text without human editing. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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We help our customers create compliant, accessible, and engaging videos, offering a range of services including closed captioning, live automatic captioning, audio description, and translation. We serve more than 2,000 customers and process more than 7,000 hours of videos each month. Our goal is to make video accessibility easy, flexible, and scalable... Ver mais

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CaptioningStar offers closed captions ,broadcast captions, live captions and open captions. Ver mais

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Lilt is a complete, high-quality solution for enterprise translation. By offering the first machine translation engine that continuously learns from human feedback, Lilt helps enterprises increase translation speed and quality without spiking costs. Ver mais

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The world is ready to hear what you have to say. Let your message reach a global audience through native human translations from applingua. Having translated millions of words on thousands of projects for hundreds of businesses across the globe, our helpful human translators are ready to localize your message. What do you want to say today? Ver mais

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Trained specifically for the Canadian Legal & Financial markets, this patent-pending neural machine translation solution saves time and money with a superior quality first-draft translation. Ver mais

all correct games logotipo
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ROI-based localization company. Our goal is to make your games popular and your players happy. Ver mais

easylokal logotipo
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A better way to localize your mobile apps EasyLokal is a translation management platform that allows you to create multilingual mobile apps in minutes and manage all your translations without any hassle. Ver mais

get localization logotipo
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Get Localization provides professional human translation and crowdsourcing services for businesses, developers and consumers Ver mais

global intermix logotipo
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Leading companies trust Global Intermix to help them spread ideas and information across diverse and global communities Ver mais

localize direct logotipo
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We provide game translation & localization QA services in more than 61 language pairs. We developed Gridly - the spreadsheet for multi-language content tailor-made for games and digital projects. Sign up for free: Founded in 2009, now, LocalizeDirect incorporates a network of more than 400 native-speaking translators and game testers with a... Ver mais

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