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Review on Water-Resistant Laptop Case With Accessory Pocket - 360° Protective Sleeve For 13-Inch MacBook Pro And MacBook Air M1/M2, A2681/A2337/A2686/A2338, 2016-2022 Models - By Tomtoc by Wayne Seba

Revainrating 5 out of 5

1yr+ later, an EXCELLENT buy

Let me begin this review by saying I have never -- I repeat -- NEVER gone back and reviewed an item on Walmart, but I've had such a positive experience with this product that I felt the need to make an exception.I bought this sleeve October of 2018 for use with my then-brand-new MacBook Pro 13" -- over a year ago. All the attached photos, on the other hand, are from TODAY -- i.e. a YEAR after purchase. As you can tell, even after almost-daily use (schlepping it to-and-from work inside of an unprotected tote bag, dragging it on trips, bringing to coffeeshops, etc.), the only sign of wear is slight dirtying of the logo in the lower left-hand corner. Otherwise, I've noticed no significant -- if any -- frayed threads, ripped fabric, or zipper malfunctions.Obviously, in terms of hardiness, this sleeve gets an A++. I'm also happy to report that its utility has also been awesome. I'm very finicky with my technology protection (and after dropping as much money as I did on my MacBook, for good reason!), and the design of the sleeve is excellent. The inside is plush and soft, with an underlying foam layer that offers ridged circles to effectively distribute any impact force. The corner protection is also great -- if you squeeze and poke the corners of the bag, they feel solid, with very little give. It also does an excellent job of providing layers of fabric between the computer and the zipper, which means that there's no chance of the zipper accidentally scratching your computer while it's in the bag -- only if you're careless about taking it out or putting it in. (This was something very important to me when I did my initial sleeve research, and part of the reason I settled on this one -- and I'm very glad I did, as it's never been an issue!)At the same time, despite all the sturdy protection, the profile of the sleeve isn't too big or heavy -- definitely thicker than a straight-up neoprene case, but the added protection is more than worth the modest increase in bulk. Be aware that the pocket on the outside does NOT have any additional padding and can only JUST (under duress) fit a MacBook charger+extension cord, but it's got a water resistant interior and a solid zipper, and is definitely large enough for pretty much any other accessories (USB-C adapters, etc.), so ends up another positive in my book.Again, allow me to stress: This is the FIRST TIME I've ever gone back and written a review, precisely because I've been so pleased with this product. I'll come back and update if anything changes, but judging from how it's held up during its first year and how well it's protected my computer through a few desk-to-floor tumbles, I suspect it'll easily last me for the lifespan of this computer and beyond. I'm so glad I decided to invest a few extra bucks in computer protection by purchasing this bag, and highly recommend that you do so as well, as the list price is extremely fair for the quality of the product.P.S. I was super skeptical of that one review describing how this sleeve protected a MacBook after it fell off a motorcycle at 90mph, but after owning it for a year? Yeah. Sounds legit.

img 1 attached to Water-Resistant Laptop Case With Accessory Pocket - 360° Protective Sleeve For 13-Inch MacBook Pro And MacBook Air M1/M2, A2681/A2337/A2686/A2338, 2016-2022 Models - By Tomtoc review by Wayne Seba

  • This is a really nice sleeve and has major protection. Worth the money.
  • Limited accessibility to laptop ports

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