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Review on Self Adhesive Decorative Sealing Bathroom Protector(White by Karla Richter

Great for quick sealing of a bathroom or sink. Not expensive. Fast. Qualitatively.

Hi all! When changing a rented apartment, my husband and I ran into a problem. After taking a shower, we noticed a stream!!! under the bath. The reason was found out right away - the joint between the wall and the bathroom was leaky, despite the fact that nothing seemed to portend "trouble". A skirting board was installed around the perimeter of the bathroom, which, as it turned out later, did not fit snugly against the wall. Of course, soon we went to a construction hypermarket to buy some kind of bathroom sealant. According to the reviews of friends, our choice nevertheless settled on the so-called curb tape. Of the presented assortment, there was only one brand - Unibob. We thought for a long time about the size of the tape (it is different), which one should we take anyway and settled on 38 mm x 3.35 m. We got home and immediately got to work. Having unpacked the tape and cut off a small piece from it for testing, we realized that it was necessary to take a wider tape ... As a result, my husband went back to the same store for a wider tape, and I began to prepare the surface for gluing the tape. The manufacturer recommends that the surface be smooth and dry (it is logical), and friends also advised to degrease the very surface, which we did. It is worth saying that in the bathroom we do not have tiles, but wallpaper, which caused difficulties in preparing the surface. Here's what the ribbon looks like: Manufacturer recommendations: For comparison, I will show the difference in width between the tapes. We glued the one that is wider (I don’t remember the exact dimensions, about 6 mm wide, my husband immediately threw away the packaging) The process of gluing the tape took us 10-15 minutes. The tape is very sticky, sticks well. According to the manufacturer's recommendation, it is necessary to measure the desired length of the tape, cut it off, remove a little protective film and proceed with gluing, gradually removing this protective film. Since we pasted over the bathroom, we decided not to cut off the pieces, but to glue them with a continuous strip. The difficulties were in the place of the corners, they cut the tape. Then we walked over the tape more thoroughly, pressing it down intensively. In general, the process went very quickly. You can use the bath 24 hours after applying the tape. We decided not to take risks and waited for this time. Result: amazing. Nothing is leaking anywhere. The view immediately changed (especially after the yellow-gray plinth). We were very satisfied. Unlike sealants, everything was fixed quickly and reliably. I recommend to buy!!! This is the real salvation in such a situation. Not expensive, fast, high quality.

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Pros & cons

  • Quickly, you can do everything yourself, efficiently.
  • Depending on the length of the tub, 1 roll of tape may not be enough.

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